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Chicago Auto Show

Last week was the Chi town auto show, often known for production car debuts. This year there was actually a couple of concepts, which is not a sign considering the times. But its funny how Chicago this year looked an awful lot like Detroit, pretty much had the same number of debuts of productions and concepts.................... Good for Chicago BAD for Detroit. Now for some cars worth mentioning, and some that are not so worth it.
How cool is this? I really like this car, I think Nissan did a really nice job with this and IMHO it looks better than the concept ! Great car.
Now these guys are really coming up ! Kia "Ray" This cool little concept was done by my friend "Ray" a designer at Kia. Congratulations dude. Neat little details on this thing.


Is this the begining of the end for them? Boy are they hurting right now with all these recalls and the bad publicity its gonna be a real tough year or maybe even decade for the no.1 car company. And the competition is gonna get even tougher now.

WOW Toyota ! OMG! what do I say to this ? Jeez..... I saw this ugly ass things earlier last week and I think my eyes started to hurt.



I did this sketch in a meeting at work not too long ago, so u know how exciting those meetings are. This is my take on a modern Porsche 914

Another Sedan Sketch

Just a sketch messin around with photoshop its not intended to be anything crazy just like a next generation kinda car



Man I'm really glad that SAAB has been saved and didn't end up like Saturn and Pontiac. And I'm even more glad that it was purchased by a European company and not another Chinese giant. I wish Spyker the best of luck and I hope that they could capitalize on what GM has done with the brand and be able to move forward with it and learn from GM's past mistakes with it. Looking forward to seeing some good products from SAAB, products that are more true to their history and identity, products that are not so mainstream.